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Principal Message

Honorable students, Assalam u Alaikum!

I would like to start my message with a very famous quote:
“Save a life and you are a hero; save a hundred lives and you are a nurse”

Through this platform today, I would like to congratulate all of the nurses around the world on International Nurses’ Day. More than that, I would like to thank you all for your selfless dedication and commitment towards betterment of patient’s life. Your exemplary commitment and invaluable part are vital to the smooth running of the health care system. Nurses have various roles like taking care of patient, assisting with evaluations and tests, setting drips, checking and managing drugs and injections, observing and recording the condition of patients, etc. most of the time nurses work in tough environments where extreme stress is a part of their job. You are officially welcome to the nursing profession. Providing unbiased care, that is evidence-based and the best in the standards, should be your utmost priority.

This message is also to thank all healthcare providers for their dedication and work specially during ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic is a reminder of the vital role played by nurses. Without nurses and other health care workers, we would not have won the battle against covid-19.

Yes, you are the angels on this earth. Thank you for being on the front lines of care. Thank you for your kindness, dedication, and healing touch. Thank you, nurses, for honoring all of our lives with your care.

We know your families are proud of you. We promise not to forget your sacrifices. I give you all, my best wishes and blessings that may Almighty Allah provide you power to fulfill your oath to the fullest of your capabilities. I wish to see you all succeed in your profession and achieve the highest level of expertise. Our esteemed and competent faculty members, through their hard work and dedication, ensure the highest level of quality education available in the entire country.

I conclude my message by expanding the word “NURSE” as
N= Nobility
U= Understanding
R= Responsibility
S= Sympathy
E= Efficiency

I pray for your safety and protection as you do your job helping others.

Mr. Karim Abdul Hussain​

Principal & Assistant Professor
HACN&HS, Islamabad