Diploma Program

Lady Health Visitor (LHV)


Welcome to Health Aid College of Nursing and Health Sciences (HACN&HS) in Islamabad, where we take pride in offering an exceptional Lady Health Visitor (LHV) Diploma Program. This program is meticulously designed to meet the rigorous standards set by the Punjab Nursing Examination Board in Lahore. Our goal is to provide aspiring female healthcare professionals with comprehensive education and training in the field of public and community health.


Becoming a Lady Health Visitor is not just a career choice; it’s a noble calling to provide essential healthcare services to women, children, and communities. LHVs play a pivotal role in promoting maternal and child health, reducing health disparities, and improving overall community well-being. Upholding professionalism and ethical standards is at the core of this esteemed profession.


Lady Health Visitors are dedicated to a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Maternal Care
    LHVs provide crucial care to expectant mothers, ensuring safe pregnancies and deliveries. They offer prenatal education, monitor maternal health, and guide women through the childbirth process.

  • Child Health
    LHVs focus on the health and well-being of infants and children. They administer vaccinations, monitor growth and development, and educate parents on childcare practices.

  • Family Planning
    Family planning services are a vital aspect of an LHV’s role. They provide information on contraceptive methods, family planning options, and reproductive health.

  • Community Health
    LHVs are integral members of the community, conducting health awareness campaigns, promoting hygiene, and advocating for public health initiatives.


Our LHV Diploma Program is dedicated to preparing you for a fulfilling career in public and community health, with a specialized focus on maternal and child health. The program covers a diverse range of subjects, including:

  • Science Focus
    You’ll delve into essential sciences like Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology, providing you with a solid foundation in medical knowledge.

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Subjects like Psychology, Sociology, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, and English equip you with valuable insights into human behavior, cultural competence, and effective communication.

  • Maternal and Child Health
    The core of the program lies in maternal and child health courses, where you’ll explore topics such as Antenatal Care, Postnatal Care, Child Growth and Development, Family Planning, and Nutrition for Mothers and Children.

  • Community Health
    LHVs are community advocates, and our program emphasizes community health principles, public health campaigns, and outreach strategies.


Our LHV program has specific learning outcomes to ensure you are well-prepared for your role as a healthcare professional:

  • Maternal and Child Health Expertise
    You will gain specialized knowledge in maternal and child health, enabling you to provide essential care and education to women and children.

  • Community Engagement
    LHVs are community champions, and our program fosters skills in community outreach, health education, and advocacy.

  • Effective Communication
    You will develop strong communication skills to interact compassionately with patients, families, and the healthcare team.

  • Holistic Care
    Our program emphasizes holistic care, ensuring that you understand the physical, emotional, and social aspects of healthcare.


At Health Aid College of Nursing and Health Sciences, our philosophy surrounding Lady Health Visitor (LHV) education is rooted in a profound commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of women and children in our communities. We embrace a holistic approach to healthcare, recognizing that each individual’s health journey is intricately linked to their families and communities.

Our philosophy places a strong emphasis on compassion and empathy, where LHVs are trained to actively listen, understand the unique needs of patients and their families, and provide unwavering support with genuine empathy. Cultural competence is central to our approach, as LHVs are educated to respect and honor diverse cultural beliefs and traditions, creating an environment of trust and respect.

Community-centered care is a core principle, with LHVs engaging in community outreach, health education, and advocacy to empower individuals and communities to actively participate in their health. Preventive healthcare is paramount, with LHVs equipped to promote healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, and early intervention.

Ethical practice and the highest standards of integrity are non-negotiable, with LHVs ensuring patient confidentiality, respecting autonomy, and adhering to professional codes of conduct. Continuous learning is encouraged, as healthcare is ever-evolving, and LHVs are committed to staying updated with the latest healthcare trends and research to provide the best care possible.

Ultimately, our philosophy recognizes that LHVs are not just healthcare professionals; they are agents of positive change within their communities. It guides our educational approach, ensuring that our students emerge as highly skilled professionals who are also compassionate advocates for the health and well-being of women and children.


Upon successful completion of our LHV program, you will be well-prepared for a fulfilling career as a Lady Health Visitor. LHVs have diverse job opportunities in various healthcare settings, including:

  • Maternity Hospitals
    Work in maternity wards, providing care to expectant mothers and newborns.

  • Community Health Centers
    Serve as community health advocates, conducting health campaigns and providing essential healthcare services.

  • Government Health Initiatives
    Collaborate with government healthcare programs aimed at maternal and child health.

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
    Work with NGOs focused on women’s and children’s health, both nationally and internationally.

  • Private Clinics
    LHVs can also find employment in private healthcare facilities, offering specialized maternal and child health services.


  • Matric in Science (Biology) with 45% minimum marks
  • 50% minimum marks in the HACN&HS internal entry test is a prerequisite for admission


  • 2 years


  1. Obstetric Nursing
  2. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  1. Paper A (Public Health)
  2. Paper B (Maternal & Child Health)
  3. Paper C (Health & Disease )
  4. Paper D (Health Education & Management)
  5. Paper E (English)