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Health Aid College of Nursing and Health Sciences, established in 2018, aims to promote healthcare services in Pakistan by providing a conducive learning environment, high-quality teaching-learning process, and practical training relevant to the healthcare sector. The institution is future-oriented and dedicated to achieving eminence in nursing and health sciences graduate programs.

Health Aid College offers excellent educational opportunities for matriculates and baccalaureates, with a focus on producing quality healthcare professionals who can actively contribute to the social healthcare system. The college’s commitment to making a remarkable contribution to society’s well-being is reflected in its efforts to produce competent and compassionate health professionals.

Overall, Health Aid College of Nursing and Health Sciences is a promising institution that is working towards building a brighter future for healthcare in Pakistan. Its dedication to providing quality education and producing skilled healthcare professionals is commendable and will help to create a healthier and happier community.

Health Aid College - Anatomy Lab

Health Aid College prioritizes research-based academics and clinical training to eliminate healthcare discrepancies and develop skilled professionals.

Health Aid focuses on lifelong competencies in its graduates. The curriculum at Health Aid is learner- cantered, clinically oriented and will introduce the students to the patient presentations in their learning journey from day one. Our classrooms, laboratories, library and computer labs are designed as per the requirement of curriculum to ensure the quality education and a truly rewarding learning experience to our students.

Affiliations & Collaborations

Health Aid College proudly affiliates with Peoples University, holds accreditation from the Pakistan Nursing Council, and is registered with the Nursing Examination Board Punjab. At Health Aid College, we believe in the power of collaboration. We have established partnerships with renowned institutions and organizations to enrich your educational experience and provide you with the best opportunities for a successful career in healthcare. Our commitment to collaboration is your pathway to excellence.